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It's scientifically proven to hydrate better than water, because it increases circulation faster than water. mo'mugi will be the first drink you want on a hot humid day to feel instantly refreshed and hydrated. Read more in Health Benefits.

mo'mugi is naturally free of caffeine and sugar, yet still provides a deep roasty taste, especially with longer steep times. The deep, multilayered flavour can remind you of coffee, and you enjoy it without adding any sugar.

We've built sustainability into mo'mugi from the get-go:

1) We use the finest local organic BC barley, nothing imported, so we maintain a small carbon footprint.

2) Our teabags are award-winning, free of plastics and adhesives, and municipally compostable.

3) Our pouches are recycled and turned into fuel at Recycle BC Depots. In other regions ask at your recycling centres. Better yet, reuse the pouches! We've got a video here on our YouTube channel showing how to use it as a freezer bag. And check out the recipe videos too!

The five big reasons are:

1) It hydrates better than water.

2) The smell also helps the brain produce more alpha waves, which are associated with relaxation.

3) A study by Shizuoka University revealed that barley tea helps protect stomach mucosa.

4) It provides antioxidants.

5) It helps fight cavities.

Read more in detail here on Health Benefits.

"mo" means more, because you'll want more! And "mugi" means barley in Japanese—we are paying homage to our inspiration, Japanese mugicha.

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